18,000BPH(2L) Carbonated Drink Bottling Line for Cola-Cola

Early in 1980s, China just started its reform and opening to foreign countries, Coca-Cola is the first international brand drink to enter the Chinese market by then. For more than three decades, in the procurement of raw materials and packaging line machines, Coca-Cola has been always pushing their "Localization Strategy", however, it was very hard for Coca-Cola to source right bottling machines from China market in the 1980s, the main reason is that Coca-Cola adopts strict quality control standards, while Chinese domestic packaging line equipment manufacturing technology level was far behind their international counterparts at that time. By introducing and absorbing advanced bottling technology from Europe, especially from Germany, Italy and France, also based on our experience, Summit Machinery manufactured their new-generation bottling equipment and started to cooperate with Coca-Cola in the mid of 1990s. The first bottling line(without carbonate blender and mixer) is used in Coca-Cola’s carbonated drink factory in Tianjin, and it proved to be a success. And after that, Coca-Cola uses our machine in their China production bases in Shanghai, Nanjing, Xi’an, etc. The applicable containers can be PET bottle, aluminum can and glass bottle, with capacity at 330ml, 500ml, 650ml, 1.25L and 2.25L.

And in the beginning of this century, after great efforts of our bottling experts, the mixing ratio accuracy, carbonate dioxide contents and other important parameters of our carbonate blending and mixing machine passed Coca-Cola’s quality control standards. Since then, Summit Machinery is the first company in China that we offer complete bottling line and packing solutions to international beverage giant---Coca Cola!

Above pictures are Summit Machinery’s machines working in Coca-cola’s Hefei factory, with capacity at 18,000bph(2L). The carbonated drink packing line is mainly composed by the following machines: bottle unscrambling machines, air conveyor, carbonated drink washing filling capping monoblock, labeling machines, etc.