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2,000-36,000cph Carbonated Soft Drink Can Filler & Seamer Machine

YGD/FG Series Carbonated Soft Drinks Aluminum Can Filler & Seamer Monobloc Machine ismaily used for the production of carbonated soft drinks, beer, and fruit juice (non-carbonated beverage), its production capacity range from 3000 to 36000 cans per hour.
  • The filler of the monobloc consists of filling bowl, filling valves and turning table etc. All parts which contact filling product are made of stainless steel to ensure hygienic and easy to clean;
  • Sterilized nitorgen gas supplied at 0.6~0.8 MPa is regulated to 0.2 MPa before sending into the filler bowl for counter-pressurization;
  • Automatic control of beverage temperature inside filler bowl: i.e. in the event of cold machine status or long time machine stoppage during filling process due to malfunction, beverage temperature inside filler bowl is lower than preset temperature, the recirculation installation starta to work and beverage inside filler bowl is recirculated to HTST for heating up and sterilizing; pipes, filler bowl and valves are heated up by recirculation of newly heated beverage and filling operation will not start until beverage temperature inside the filler bowl reaching preset value. Functioning of this installation is fully automatic under control of PLC program;
  • Considering the application of two-piece aluminum cans in filling non-carbonated sports drink, provision of liquid nitrogen instillator between filling and seaming is necessary to instill liquid nitrogen into the cans before seaming, so that positive pressure can be maintained within cans to prevent dented cans during subsequential production process and future storage;
  • The seaming machine is an important equipment to complete can seaming after filling. It consist of upper turret part, lower base, can feeding system, lid feeding system and dynamic output system;
  • All seamingparts used in the filling machine must be resistant to high temperature of hot filling and resistant to acid and high temperature caustic of CIP cleaning. In addition, in order to secure operator safety, the machine is provided with tight locking and tight sealing safeguard doors and safeguard plates to prevent any possible splashing of hot beverage from casuing scalding accident during hot filling operation.
Model YGD12/FG1 YGD18/FG6 YGD24/FG6 YGD32/FG8 YGD40/FG8 YGD50/FG12
No. of Filler Head 12 18 24 32 40 50
No. of Seamer Head 1 6 6 8 8 12
Production Capacity 2000cph 5000cph 9000cph 12000cph 15000cph 18000cph
Applicable Drinks Carbonated soft drinks, juice, and beer
Applicable Cans 2-piece and 3-piece cans, 200, 202, 206 & 209