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28mm Plastic Carbonated Caps

Jiangsu Summit Packaging Products Co., Ltd, a subsidiary company under Jiangsu Summit Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd, specially produces plastic products like the PET preforms, plastic caps, etc.
The caps are produced by the world's best cap-making machine----Saccmi, the 28mm carbonated caps are with the following prominent features:

  • Appearance: Mold full, integrated, appearance slippery, no obvious shrinkage and damage;
  • Color: color even, in appliance with color board;
  • Tamper-evident ring: bridges connecting the band, no obvious damages between bridges;
  • Contamination: no spot, stain, oil or peculiar smell
  • Sealing: Under the condition of 100psi pressure for one minute, no cap will leak;
  • Under the condition of 175psi pressure for one minute, no cap will be exploded cracking ;Removal torque: 7-20 in-lbs;
  • Drop Performance: when bottles is dropped from height of 1.5m, the caps will have no leaking or cracking;
  • Tamper Evident Ring: Remove the caps from the bottle, re-sealing, the tamper evident ring cannot be restored to their original shape;
  • Taste: no peculiar smell 12 weeks after filling;

  • Applicable bottle: 28mm PCO Standard;
  • Recommended static torque: 16±3in-lbs
  • Recommended Top-load: 20±3kg

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