45,000BPH(640ml) Glass Bottle Beer Bottling Line for Tsingtao Brewery

Beer is a most widely consumed alcoholic drink in China, as China’s leading factory in the field of package machinery, Summit Group has always been active in technical innovation in the field of beer bottling. Since 1980s, Summit Group have cooperated with German KHS, France Zalkin and other world famous giants and successfully developed 48,000 bottling line.

Tsingtao Brewery was founded in 1903 and it is China’s largest beer producer, Summit Machinery’s cooperation with Tsingtao Brewery can be traced back to 40 years ago. Above pictures are complete beer bottling line manufactured by Summit Machinery in Tsingtao Brewery’s Chongqing production base with production capacity at 45,000 bottles per hour (640ml). This beer bottling line is mainly composed by the following machines: uncrater, crate washer, bottle washer, light inspector, filler & crowner, crown conveyer, pasteurizer, labeler, ink jet printer, light inspector, empty bottle transporting line, full bottle transporting system, crate packer, and crate conveying line, etc.