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6000-36000bph Automatic Single-Head Sleeve Type Shrinking Labeling Machine

STB Series sleeve-type shrink labeling machine's is mainly composed by labeler, shrinking tunnel and steam generator, with production capacity range from 6000 to 48000bph.

  • Synchronized transmission,the change of transmission belt can be finished quickly. Compared with traditional multilayer transmission belt, its maintenance is easy and maintain is much simpler;
  • Unit cutter head plane can meet bottles with diameter from30 to 130mm;
  • Double shrinking label feed plane with reasonable height makes it convenient to fix the label; micro-computer auto figure which avoid enactment and adjustment,you only need to press it lightly, the label will detect and locate automatically. The change of label is quick and convenient. Besides, the cutting place is accurate;
  • Label feeding equipment: label is supplied by driving synchronized control mode,with max.supply ability at90meters per minute, volume label supply plane is ∮500mm, the internal diameter of paper tube will be 4', 8', 10' .the configuration of label feeding is stable which enable the exact length of label and the stable ,quick supply of label;
  • The center pillar applies step by step shoot label structure;
  • The newly designedcutter headuse step by step motor driving, which makes the neat and orderly cut of the label.Coupled with the synchronized location structure, our machine canenable the precision of cut location within 1mm;
  • Multi-point emergency stop button enable emergency stop of the machine;
  • In the case of different and irregular round bottles, square bottles and flat bottles etc, the new-style steam shrinking oven is easy to adjust and maintain. It has an even shrinking. The distribution of low-pressure steam drum and spouting way of steam are uniform and designed with seamless tube.The nozzle is divided to be adjustable three segments and the height,position and steam output of every segment can be adjusted respectively so as to gain the perfect shrinking.The whole machine is made of stainless steel with heat preservation,which not only saves energy, but also complies with the international safety standard .The stainless steel defrosting tray collects condense water. The whole machine adopts the water-proof design with the convenience of easy operation and low maintenance;
  • The machine's structure is mainly made by food-grade 304 stainless steel, and the electrical parts are from international famous companies, like Panasonic, Schneider, etc.
Model Production Capacity Applicable Diameter of Bottle Body Applicable Label Length Applicable Label Thickness
STB-100P 6000bph >28mm-125mm >30mm-250mm >0.03mm-0.13mm
STB-150P 9000bph
STB-200P 12000bph
STB-250P 15000bph
STB-350P 21000bph
STB-400P 24000bph
STB-450P 27000bph
STB-600P 36000bph