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8,000-36,000bph Glass Bottle Beer Filling Crowning Monobloc

Beer is a most widely consumed alcoholic beverage, it is composed mostly of water. However, the bottling technology of beer and water is totally different. For beer bottling, we have to consider many technical questions: how to decrease the oxygen content inside the bottle to keep the beer’s original flavor and taste? How to fill the beer inside the bottle fast without foaming or fobbing? …..too many hard questions, but you can always find the right solutions from beer filing expert-----Zhangjiagang Summit Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.
Since 1980s, we have proven our success in beer bottling industry. Every day, nearly one hundred of beer bottling lines supplied by us running in Tsingtao Brewery, Hua’run Beer, Snow Beer, etc. , with production capacity range from 8000 to 60,000 bottles per hour.

Features of Glass Bottle Beer Filling-Crowning Monoblock:

  1. PLC controlled, fully automatic;
  2. High-temperature washing, and when CIP works, the filling machine works in a low speed, and also the washing-cup is equipped;
  3. Equipped with the broken-bottle detecting device and broken-bottle flushing device;
  4. Star-wheel and bottle transferring plate are made of high-density plastics and can do no harm to the bottles when contact with the bottles, and further, it can lower the noise;
  5. all the parts contact with the liquid are made up with 316L;
  6. The level of the beer tank and the back-pressure can be controlled automatically, and this makes the level of the beer and the back-pressure stable;
  7. Organic-glass shield door in installed;
  8. Beer-storing tank and the capper equipped with automatic ascending-descending apparatus;
  9. Beer-storing tank and the pipes are equipped with glass monitoring device;
  10. The Monobloc is equipped with automatic lubricating device.
Brief Introduction ofFilling Partof Glass Bottle Beer Filling-Crowning Monobloc
  1. Short-type mechanical filling valve in the beer filler can make double pre-evacuation; and also the filling valve has the high-pressure fobbing capability, the fobbing pressure and filling speed can be adjusted synchronously, this will guarantee the lowest oxygen dissolved in the beer, i.e. beer’s quality can be retained during filling process;
  2. In the process of filling, if the glass bottle explodes, the valve will stop automatically, and also the clean-in-place device is installed;
  3. The height of the beer inside the tank can be controlled by a probing device, to make the level of the beer stable;
  4. PLC Controlled.

Brief Introduction ofCrowning Partof Glass Bottle Beer Filling-Crowning Monobloc
  1. Equipped with full stainless steel magnetic crown cap hopper;
  2. Cap-sorting device and the main machine can be controlled synchronously
  3. The crown cap’s sorting and feeding is moved by magnetic force, and this can guarantee the cap is not easy to deform during movement;
  4. Installed with over-loading protectiondevice.

Following is a simple drawing of beer crowning machine's structure: