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Automatic Bottles/Cans Wrap Around Case Packing Machine (Packer)

SM-WA25 Carton Wrap Around Packing Machineshapes the cartons automatically and closes their bottom flap with hot melt glue, with packaging speed at 8-25 cartons per minute.
Basic Technical Parameters and Features:
  1. Capacity of the individual machine: 25 boxes/minute (based on 250ml bottle);
  2. Hot-melt glue system used in the machine is manufactured by U.S.A "Nordson" Company;
  3. Time from gluing of carton to sealing is less than 0.7 second. Time from the end of sealing to discharge (i.e. the time for the hot-melt glue to dry when the carton flaps are pressed) is longer than 2 seconds;
  4. Smooth carton sealing process without breaking of bottles;
  5. Secure carton sealing without loosing.