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Bottling Line Conveyor

Conveyor, also called asconveyor system, orconveying system, is a common piece of bottle handling equipment that move bottles from one packaging machine to another.Conveyor systems allow quick and efficient transportation forbottles in a bottling line, which makes them an indispensable equipment in beverage and beer packaging industries.
Conveyor systemsdistributes, combines and buffers bottles or cans, move bottles or cans from one packaging machine to another, connect the individual machines of a filling or packing plant. They ensure smooth production sequences whereby the individual components of the system interact in harmony and with efficiency. So, in a bottling line, the conveying system should be properly optimized, otherwise it is hard for the packing machines like the filler or labeler to perform to its full potential.

The category of conveying systems manufactured by Summit includes bottle and can conveyors, accumulation tables, carton conveyors, elevators, pallet roller conveyors and lifts with all the relevant accessories. These systems are necessary for the operation of the packaging line and the integration of its various machines.

Our standard conveyor for bottling and liquid filling production lines is straight running chains with 304 stainless steel constructions, we can also tailor our conveyor to meet your local conditions, and they are available in a variety of lengths, widths and straight or curved sections to fit your space and production requirements:

However, our conveyor is not a simple device just move bottles or cans from one packing machine to another: If there is an interruption at one of the packing machines, such as the filler or labeller, our conveyor will acts as a buffer, thus effectively bridging the downtime. As a result, our conveyor keeps both the bottles and the overall plant efficiency at a consistently high level. In a word, with our 30 years’ experience in conveying, we can supply you individually tailored conveying system which requires a minimum of space while providing maximum of performance.

Features of our conveyor

  1. For bottles, cans, tins, jars, kegs, packs, plastic crates, cartons;
  2. High efficiency variable frequency drive motors (energy saving);
  3. Automatic lubrication system;
  4. Pressure-less distribution of bottles;
  5. Low maintenance;
  6. Intelligent and smart control engineering;
  7. Optional models are available for sanitary, flammable or corrosive production lines.