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Bottling Line Conveyor Combining & Merging System

Merging, diverting, orienting, accumulating……these actions are commonly to see in a modern highly-automated conveying system.Conveyor combining and merging systemis a conveying technology that merges or combines multi-line bottles/cans conveying into single-line conveying.
Filling machine, or washing, filling & capping monoblock, is the core machine in a bottling line. It determines bottles or cans conveying amounts. Modern filling machine or monoblock can reach the speed of 100,000 bottles per hour, for the purpose to meet the need of high speed filling machine,conveyor combining and merging systemis designed. By decreasing the width of conveyor accumulation system's guiding side plate gradually, multi-line conveying system can become into single-line conveying. And at the same time, conveyor speed will be raised from the section of multi-line bottle accumulation system to single line conveyor step by step to synchronized with the filling machine's speed.

Generally speaking, conveyor merging system is only applicable to round-shaped bottles or cans.