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Carbonated Soft Drink Carbonation Mixer

In hot weather, a cup of cola will be refreshing. So, the taste and flavor of soft drink is very important.Soft drink blender and carbonator, or called as soft drinkcarbonating and blending system, or soft drink mixer, is a key machine in a soft drink bottling line, because blender and carbonator controls the flavor and stability of carbonated drink.
CBD seriescarbonated drink blenderis a kind of inner cooling-type gravity drink mixing system, with maximum production capacity at 30,000 liters per hour, can carbonate soft drink with concentration of 2-5g carbon dioxide per liter liquids(2-5GV). It can ensure precise and accurate carbonation control. Many of this series machine has been supplied to China Pepsi Cola, Coca Cola, etc.
Main Compositions of CBD series Soft drink blender and carbonator:
  1. Vacuum degasser;
  2. Mixing or blending device;
  3. Injection-type carbonator;
  4. Cooling device;
  5. Finished product tank;
  6. Electrical control system (mainly pressure control, temperature control, liquid-level control).

Main Features of CBD series Carbonated Drink Blending System:
  1. Accuracy carbonation control ensures final product quality;
  2. Carbonation pressure can be adjusted; blender can coordinate with filling machine perfectly;
  3. Besides carbonated soft drink, it can also be used to produce soft drinks like Fanta, Sprite;
  4. High hygiene standard, with built-in CIP system;