Company Culture

Summit’s success is based on products and services that offer added value for our customers. But we stand for more than superlative quality and technological leadership, we’re also aware of our social responsibilities. Summit has traditionally been committed to sustainable management throughout all its operations. Not only do we run eco-compatible production processes, our machines and our lines also work faster and more reliably than competing products, while simultaneously minimising their resource consumption. Sustainability-driven thinking, moreover, is clearly manifested in our long-term corporate strategy. Even during the less-than-easy times triggered by the financial crisis, the company is keeping its people on board. The markets are going to grow again. And then we shall be needing our highly qualified team players. At Summit, people are not cost factors, they’re success drivers.

Investments today underpin the corporate success of tomorrow. By virtue of our in-depth knowledge and long years of experience, we are able to translate new ideas promptly into up-to-the-future products and services. In all our development work, we prioritise mutual feedback with our customers. Their needs, their requirements, are the paramount focus of our efforts. We respond swiftly and flexibly to our customers’ wishes.

Summit has set itself ambitious long-term growth targets, willingly embraced incentives for each and every one of its staff. The can-do skills of our management and our staff are the foundation on which we shall in future continue to set new standards in every field. Summit – “We do more”