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Conveyor for Empty Bottle/Can

Empty bottle conveying systemcan convey empty PET bottles, empty glass bottles or empty cans from de-palletizing area to filling machine or to air conveyor.
In the past, operators have to load the empty PET or glass bottles or cans onto the bottling line manually, with production capacity at only around 50 bottles per minute per worker. Now, Summit's empty bottle conveyer can convey empty bottles or cans with maximum production capacity at 80,000 bottles/cans per hour. Bottling line conveying system is developed towards the direction of “faster, more efficient and automatic”.

Conveying system is not just a device that connects each separate packing machine, it affects total bottling line’s efficiency. In high speed conveying line, we like to see bottles or cans be sent to every packaging machine continuously and stably, however, sometimes improper design always lead to bottles/cans falling, blocking, etc, thus whole line have to stop or be slowed.

Low push pressure technology is adopted in our empty bottle conveying system to avoid bottle or can’s falling and blocking, empty bottles can be conveyed smoothly on the packing line, moreover, conveyor’s noise can be decreased greatly.

Summit's empty bottle/can conveying system mainly include:
  1. Slat chain conveyor;
  2. Mattop conveyor;
  3. Vaccum bed slat chain conveyor.