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Conveyor for Full Bottle/Can

Afull bottle conveyoris used to convey full PET bottles, glass bottles and cans. Usually it is installed after the filler.

After the bottles being filled and capped, full bottles will leave monoblock and be conveyed to labeling machine, ink jet coding machine, accumulation system may be installed among these machines, and then the bottles might continue on slat chain or mattop conveyors to shrink wrapping machine and finally to the palletizer on a case conveying system.

Improper design of conveyor can cause bottles’ jams or tipping, thus resulting in bottle damage. And what’s more, in recent years, because of environmental worries, bottles are becoming lighter and lighter. A conveying system that can protect your bottles from physical damage becomes more important.

Synchronous tracking control and low pressure technology are adopted in ourfull bottle conveying system, through proximity switch, phototube, interlocking devices, etc to avoid or lessen the push and collision among the bottles. Also, modular design concept is used in our conveying system to make the conveyor’s installation and maintenance quick and easy.

The main components of our conveying system are available in SUS 304 stainless steel withwash-down componentsto facilitate thorough cleaning of the conveyor, avoiding bacteria growth after product spillage.

Based on our 40 years’ experience, our conveying system can last for long time with minimal wearing and maintenance, it is common to find from our customer to see our conveyor working in the bottling lines for ten or longer years.