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Double-end Glass Bottle Washing Machine

YPDSeries double-end beer glass bottle washing machine is suitable for washing of recycled glass bottles, with production capacity ranging from 8000 to 48000bph.
This machineis suitable for washing and sterilizing glass bottles (beer glass bottle and beverage glass bottle). It’s easy to operate and maintain and achieves excellent effects, it is the ideal solution for the beer and beverage companies.Main prominent features are as below:
  • Rotating spray system, greatly improve the cleaning effect, and water consumption is low, not easy to plug the nozzle;
  • Automatic control of alkali concentration, alkali liquid level and temperature to ensure the stability of bottle washing;
  • PLC control, fault display and spray water pressure alarm system can avoid the interference of human factors;
  • Energy saving measures such as high temperature zone insulation treatment and condensed water centralized recovery are adopted, and the energy saving effect is obvious.
Washing Process