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Flow-meter Type Online Carbonated Drink Blender and Carbonator

FBD seriescarbonateddrink flow-meter type online carbonator and blenderis a fully automatic carbonating and blending system, up to now, it represents the highest level in soft drink mixing industry in China.
FBD series carbonated drink blender’s mixing capacity range from 5,000 to 55,000 liters per hour, purified water and syrup blending ratio can be adjusted in the scope of 2:1 to 10:1, and 2-5g carbon dioxide can be carbonated into per liter liquid (2-5GV). Flow meters are used to measure the amount of purified water, syrup and carbon dioxide to achieve perfect accuracy.
Main Features of FBD Series Flow-meter Type Online Carbonated Drink Blender:
  1. Fully automatic: blending ratio, temperature, pressure and carbonization can be controlled by PLC;
  2. High efficient degasser can remove oxygen contents in purified water, the carbon dioxide can be fully absorbed into beverage;
  3. Every part in the blender coordinates perfectly, this guarantee ideal product stability; the flow meter measures the water flow amount, beverage Brix Degree and syrup Brix Degree to control the mixing ratio;
  4. High efficient carbonation system ensures that carbon dioxide is fully mixed and absorbed, and there is no foaming at the filling machine; the carbonation is stable and accurate, Carbon dioxide gas volumes (GV) can be online adjusted; if you want to changeCO2gas volumes, carbon dioxide valve opening andCO2flow meter will figure out the changing valuesfrom water flow meter and syrup dosing flow meter. Compared with the setting value, the carbonation GV deviation is ±0.10, or even less;
  5. Blender’s production capacity can be adjusted conveniently by switching capacity-regulating-valve;
  6. Carbon dioxide online detection device can be mounted in carbonation tank upon customer’s request. If mixing ratio accuracy fails, you can change set value of Brix Degree and carbon dioxide gas volume (GV), the blender can re-blend existed finished product(enter the tank before changing set value) in carbonization tank with newly-entered water-syrup mixtures(enter the tank after changing set value), finally all products in carbonization tank can meet the required mixing accuracy.
Main composition of FBD Series Soft Drink Flow-meter Type Blender and Carbonator:
  1. Vacuum degasser;
  2. Chilling apparatus;
  3. Carbon dioxide injection apparatus;
  4. Finished product tank;
  5. Electrical control system (mainly pressure control, temperature control, liquid-level control).

Working Principle of FBD Series Soft Drink Flow-meter Type Online Blending and Carbonating System:
The deoxidized purified water and syrup will be mixed together firstly (the amount of purified water and syrup is controlled by flow-meter), and then such water-syrup mixtures will be pumped to heat exchanger for chilling. After being chilled, pre-carbonating process will be initialized: carbon dioxide will be injected into the chilled water-syrup mixtures and the amount of carbon dioxide can be accurately controlled by flow control valve. Finally, the chilled and carbonated water-syrup mixtures will be pumped to finished product tank for downstream filling and bottling