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Rotary-type Hot Melt Glue Adhesive Labeling Machine

RRTBJ Series Hot Melt Glue Adhesive Labeleris with the following features: high precision, rotary design, compact structure, beautiful modeling, meticulous assembly, high-speed stability, low running costs, etc. Its max. capacity can reach 30000bph.
  1. This machine is suitable for sticking the continuous rolled labels, using local-gluing methods with smaller glue consumption and lower running costs;
  2. Because of its high accuracy design, strict processing requirements and meticulous assembly, the machine is running in good stability, and the production capacity can reach 30,000bph;
  3. This machine is of rotary design, compact structure, beautiful shape;
  4. The label station is the core part of the machine, the elaborative designed label station can convey labels in constant force; the labels can correct errors automatically; labeling speed (the synthesis speed between the machine revolution-speed and rotation-speed of the bottle) is matched internally; if there is no bottles, the machine will not send labels and glue;
  5. The main machine adopts upper-cam design so that it is easy to change bottles; the nosing adopts pneumatic-chucking-manner to increase the convenience of height adjustment of the main machine;
  6. PLC control with combination control of servo system, inverter system, temperature control system and other necessary control;
  7. Overload protection, multi-point protection device, sound and light alarm system to ensure safety of the operation personnel and the machine;
  8. Centralized lubrication system allows the operation of machine's lubrication components much easier, the running of the machine much more reliable, and prolongs machine's running life;
  9. Specially-designed label-clamping device ensures label's elastic and tight compression at label-clamping block;
  10. The compensation structure of label-cutting device can ensure that labels are cut in a neatly and timely manner;
  11. Biaxial screw propeller device makes larger bottles' entry into the machine more stable, this guarantees the smooth entry of the bottles in high-speed production;
  12. Bottle-inflatable function can help the buyer save the cost by using lighter PET bottle;
  13. Double-disk structure guarantees the minimum time of label-feeding, thereby enables longer effective production time and higher productive efficiency;
  14. Label constant-force test and feedback control system ensures higher labeling quality.
RRTBJ Series Hot Melt Glue Adhesive Labeler Technical Parameters
Rated Production Capacity (600ml) 25000bph
ProductionCapacity Range 10000-30000bph
Power of Main Motor 3kW
Applicable Bottles Types Various round and square bottles with diameter 50-120mm
Applicable Label The max. height of the label is 220mm.
Air Pressure Request 0.6Mpa