Your company is unique – why should you be satisfied with conventional solutions?
Summit accompanies you through every phase of the life cycle after purchase of a new line. With services that are tailored specifically to your products, your facility and your employees, our objective is to master, together with you, the two major challenges encountered when operating lines: 

  •  Producing 
    Achieving the needed output and flexibility;
  • Optimizing 
    Continually improving of quality, costs and reliability.

. Support

Help the way it should be: uncomplicated, fast, competent
When help is needed there is no time to waste. For this reason, our support is available around-­the-clock with the specialists and expertise you need. Regardless of whether you have to correct a malfunction, urgently need an answer to a detailed question or need support for some other reason: Our experts are at your side when you need them to support you and your line at every stage of life.

Service Line
Has a malfunction occurred in your line that you cannot correct on your own? Do you have a technical ques­tion about one of your Summit ma­chines? Or do you want to know the status of your spare parts order?

Summit's Service email is your direct connection to us. This central location will direct you quickly to the appropriate indi­vidual who can answer all technical questions concerning the operation of your line or machine. 

Technical Support

Our experts provides advice and support in the event of equipment malfunctions or when you have technical questions, and can quickly organize shipment of spare parts – even outside normal Summit's business hours. And what­ever may occur: Our worldwide Support provides a secure safety net.

. Training

Smart minds increase efficiency
Only the right know-how allows you to extract the optimal performance from your equipment.  We offer a number of training sessions that will help your employees and line achieve their best performance levels. The offerings range from operation and maintenance to management train­ing. And if you cannot find what you need in our programme, our trainers will gladly develop a customized training concept specifically for your facility.

Operator training
By our training, youremployees will gain all of the knowledge neces­sary to operate the machines on their own. After this training, the partici­pants will feel comfortable working with the machines; they know where to lubricate and how often, and can correct small malfunctions. This al­ready provides the basis for problem­free production.

Maintenance training
High output and minimal downtime are the result of efficient mainte­nance. The preventive maintenance measures that you can take to achieve this objective are taught in the Summit's maintenance training. 

Management training 
Regardless of whether you wish to perfect your management abilities or simply want to know about the latest develop­ments in machine engineering – we can offer training for all management levels and their specific require­ments.

We can also offer you:

  •  Employee management and line efficiency;
  • Systematic troubleshooting;
  •  Maintenance management;
  • More flexible production and warehouse logistics;
  • Project management;
  •  Workshop: Education and training trends.

. Original Spare Parts

Well supplied for the life of the machine
Original Spares means provision of spare parts to the highest standards: With precision manufacturing, strict quality control, ready availability, friendly advice and short lead times, you can fully trusted in our professional services!

Spare parts supply
No one who buy Summit's machine should have to make any compromises when it comes to spare parts. Original Spares maintain the quality and value of your line over years to come. Because every spare part that leaves our factory has undergone the most stringent qual­ity control. This is true for electronic, electrical, and pneumatic compo­nents as well as all commercially available purchased parts.  Thanks to ready parts availability, we can also respond to urgent orders. If you are urgent, our 24-hour service simply dispatches the parts via express shipping.

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